Why Do Women Love Handbags?

Why Do Women Love Handbags

Why Do Women Love Handbags?

There are many reasons why women love handbags. It is essential to discuss the history of women and handbags when writing an article about why women carry purses.

Let us first investigate why women adore handbags. Of course, women adore purses because they allow them to carry all of their belongings in one place. No woman enjoys digging around in her car for gum or searching her pockets for her keys. When she carries a purse, all of her belongings are in one convenient location.

We can trace its origins back several years before the modern-day handbag was invented. The first purses were created from leather, netting, or sacklike fabrics. These were designed to hold gold and other valuables.

Women began to use purses with drawstrings or enclosures more frequently in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. This became useful for storing valuable items such as coins. Women would attach these to their belt loops with cords or tassels, which were popular at the time.

Purses gained popularity in the sixteenth century when women began carrying them to hold items such as potions and makeup. At the time, purses were usually embellished with 3D puff embroidery or lace trimming. Again, some people would use cords with tassels to secure their purses to their waists while dancing or dining.

The first women’s handbags, also known as pouch bags, were invented in the seventeenth century. They were carried by hanging them on one’s arm or shoulder and had drawstrings.

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