Why Choose the Flutter Framework in Cross-Platform App Development

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Every business needs an app for making the most out of its online presence. As the world is going mobile-first, businesses are also choosing applications for their business for achieving wider reach.


As the functionalities couldn’t be fetched and utilised for different platforms with a single code, cross-platform programmes previously had a negative reputation. Everything was resolved using Flutter, which made cross-platform development simple. Flutter offers unrivalled flexibility and excellent performance with a single code base.


As it was more affordable and sped up the creation of apps, cross-platform development is still a popular choice among businesses and entrepreneurs. In a world where time to market may be more significant than technical excellence, it is essential for enterprises and Flutter provides quality as well.


Choosing the right software development kit and technology is critical in app development. It can save on a budget and brings flexibility to the application. Almost every mobile app company UK is using Flutter for app development for flexibility and smooth cross-platform compatibility.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source UI SDK created by Google and is used for creating applications that run smoothly on every platform like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. It saves time with no additional code writing for every platform. Most businesses prefer Flutter SDK (Software Development Kit) for app development these days.


It provides flexibility and is considered the best platform for cross-platform app development. With its responsive style, the app works smoothly like a native application. Flutter does not need any browser or runtime module and with the same code, it can be used everywhere.


C, C++, and Dart programming languages are used by Flutter. It is replacing JavaScript and can run directly on any browser without any additional support. It is a very fast SDK that can run apps at 120 frames per second (fps).

How did Flutter begin?

The framework was first launched in 2015 under the name Sky before changing its name to Flutter. It gives a native feel to the entire development process and the finished product also has a native feel. This allows developers access to platform-specific SDKs for Android and iOS.


At the 2015 Dart Developer Summit, Google announced the launch of Flutter and demonstrated the hot reload feature, which at the time was very innovative. It allowed developers to make changes to their code without having to restart the entire app every time


When Flutter was taken out of beta in 2018, developers had an opportunity to truly appreciate what it was like to work with a stable version of the framework. Since then, the community has significantly expanded. For mobile apps, it released Flutter 1.2 in 2019 which was the game changer for app development in today’s times.

Benefits of using Flutter for app development

Flutter makes app development quick and affordable. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Flutter for app development.

  1. Single codebase for every platform

Flutter comes with a code reusability feature. With a single codebase, it can be used for iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. Improved code reusability cuts costs and implementation is easy and saves time.

  1. Extensive libraries

Flutter has an extensive rich library with open-source graphics. It uses the Skia graphics library for a quality user interface and smooth app experience. It also improves loading time on every platform.

  1. Widget based tool

Flutter can use the concept of object-oriented programming with every element as it is a widget-oriented technology. With easy modification, users can get creative with the design part of the apps. 

  1. Strong community

A strong community is also helpful in creating apps with quality code. Many developers from across the globe are contributing to Flutter to maintain top-tier app development. With this, issue resolving and supporting each other is enabled while saving time and effort. Google input-output also works regularly to maintain a quality choice.

  1. Ideal for MVP products

Flutter has easy integration and a quick turnaround time which makes it an efficient choice for cross-platform app development. It has a flexible user interface and a single database that can be used across every platform, which is helpful in saving time.

  1. Effortless animation

Flutter comes with many widgets that can help build your business with quality motion graphics. With the help of a material motion system for Flutter, the user interface is smooth. Users can also perform GUI rendering and animated gestures that give full control. It is also helpful in building custom layouts.

  1. IDE support

It is most effective to support IDEs to develop apps with various tools like IntelliJ Idea, Android Studio, Visual Studio, Emac, etc. Flutter gives the best results when it is used with an editor plugin as that enhances user experience by a margin.

  1. Quick prototyping

One of the most helpful and used features of Flutter is hot reload. It is very easy for developers to choose the language that shortens the development time. Without restarting the app, users can see the changes in code in real-time. Code can be injected into the live app and with this, users can find and eliminate bugs in no time and improve the overall user interface and experience.

  1. Native functionality

Flutter collects data and it is possible to connect with hardware like cameras and GPS. It also has libraries for AR and it keeps adding new libraries with evolving technologies. It has platform channels to connect data with native codes.

Develop an app with the Flutter platform

Flutter is the most common platform for creating mobile apps on Android and iOS. When you want to create apps for these platforms, you need to write code for every platform. To solve this issue, you need to choose a platform that is cross-platform. It saves time and money.


For developing an app that is suitable for every app, you can opt to hire web developer UK and streamline every business process. The development of apps using Flutter is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, a lot of top companies like Alibaba, Yandex, Airbnb, Uber, eBay, and others use Flutter for their business app development.

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